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The idea of Crew Marketing has been 25 years in the making.  To be successful in implementing growth marketing strategies, you must have a vast understanding of every aspect of conventional marketing and its full evolution into digital marketing.  You need to understand every competitive advantage that each company has that has come into the arena since the inception of the digital age.  Who is still standing and why.  What was or is still their competitive advantage and where is the evolution headed as we look forward to 2025. Crew has this subject matter experience and has studied each company’s competitive advantage unfold.  We have also studied what has been many companies’ downfall.  With that said, customer service and availability to our clients is the foundational pilar of Crew Marketing.

 Creating a strategic marketing plan is our specialty with the goal of driving quality traffic for the lowest cost possible.  There are a lot of ways to do advertising and we specialize in all of them except T.V, Radio, and Print…sorry.   We feel that scaling a company’s budget to produce the lowest cost per customer acquisition has moved past conventional advertising.  If you’re on board with that, please read on.

Crew marketings owners and operators are very versed in different industries.  One that really has our attention, and we are completely engulfed in, is the world of power sports.  We are racers and every weekend we are twisting a throttle somewhere!  Why is this important if you are a power sports industry?  We speak the language and know how to communicate with your clients.   This has been a HUGE competitive advantage in this space.   Yet we have experience in many arenas.  One of our largest clients owns 25-day cares centers.  So don’t be afraid to try Crew on for size no matter what type of business you have.  We will share with you our backgrounds on our getting to know each other call to make sure we are a good fit.  Potential clients can see our backgrounds on our homepage with what types of businesses we focus on having as clients.

Why Companies Choose Crew:

The key to hyper targeting is to own the data that enables reaching a target audience.   Data acquisition is Crew and our strongest competitive advantage.  You want to grow but you don’t want to spray and pray your way down the golden brick road.  We understand and that is why we started as a data acquisition company.   You tell us your perfect customer and we can acquire the perfect data set for your business model and growth goals.  We probably already have it.   The DATA IS KING in 2023+.

Crew loads the data into the deployment engine, we set a frequency and a geographic reach, we load the asset, set the schedule, and drop the green flag!  It’s Go TIME!   Full trackability is the name of the game.  We don’t try to sell what we are doing to keep your business we show you through digital foot printing.  This is key for a long-term relationship!

Crew will add as many mediums as possible of advertising to the marketing strategy that makes sense to accomplish growth.  We must focus on in-market, intenders, influencers audiences alike to be successful.  The crew will suggest monthly playbook changes that allows your company to be as diversified in our mediums of advertising needed to achieve the desired growth marketing goals set during our monthly planning calls.

Crew Marketing also focuses heavily on current customer retention and resurrection of lost customers as well.  Our experience is growth comes from taking market share from someone else and that is our specialty.

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